Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this template

  • 2

    Make your Environment

    • What is imaginary shape?

    • What is your imaginary Shape

    • Imaginary Shapes

    • Understanding one Point Perspective

    • One point perspective exercise

    • Drawing a Room in One Point Perspective

    • Drawing your room

    • One point perspective outdoor

    • Practice one point perspective

    • Two point perspective street view

    • City skyline

    • Drew your imaginary figures

  • 3

    Easy Way to Draw a Human Body

    • Harry Potter. Drawing your favorite character!

    • Proportions Of a Human Body

    • Let's exercise figures in motion!

    • Practicing drawing human body proportions

    • Figures in motion

    • Figure drawing

    • How to dress figures

    • Simple figures drawing

    • Let practice drawing a figure

    • A scene

    • Practicing drawing interactive figures

    • Outdoor scene with two figures

    • Create outdoor scene with two figures

    • Scene in school: Keeping social distance

    • Create indoor scene

    • Practicing two figures: Adult and child

    • Create figures: adult and child

    • Birthday Party Scene