Why is this course is perfect for your child?

Are you still wondering why should you get this course? This course is developed as the most efficient way to prepare kids for the Mart Twain / Bay Academy Art Talent test in a short time period. We have years of experience in successful group preparations. Now we just transferred it to a remote model. This course includes:

  • Free pre-assessment test with feedback from instructor regarding child’s skills, knowledge and recommendations

  • Basic skills that will be necessary not just for the test, but for any beginner artist!

  • Step by step training for still-lifes which includes all potential elements that can be presented on the test!

  • Preparation for the creation of several scenes with multiple figures in several scenarios!

  • Practice for writing of an art essay with a small crash course on the history of art!

Pricing options

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Are you ready to be an Artist?

We are so exited to have your child as a part of our Art community!

The Clock is ticking

You only have this much time until test season starts!

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What will you gain from our course?

Conveniently from your home, your are getting skills that usually take years of attending Art School!

  • Downloads

    You will have access to dozens of downloadable materials which could be used at any time to refresh your knowledge and improve your skills. Just remember: "Practice Makes Perfect!"

  • Skills in almost no time

    You can go through the course at your own pace and get a great result in a short amount of time! We are giving you great tools, that you now have the option to use!

  • Live sessions

    We are running live online sessions which allow you to ask questions, connect with the instructor and your peers. For local students we are offering in person workshops.

I know you, as a parent, warry about your Childe's future and to choose for the best education which Middle School

If your child has a passion for art, we are here to help with complete preparation for the admission test.

Even though the DOE did not make any announcements regarding dates and settings for this year’s Mark Twain / Bay Academy Special Talents addition test, it is time to start preparing. With our years of experience in tests preparation, we know for sure: the competition rate is rising each year, and require high level of skills and knowledge, which cannot be gained “overnight”, even within a month. The earlier you will start preparing your kid for the test – the more confident and self-sure child will be. High stress and timeframes of 30 minutes per each part , could play a crucial effect on test performance. It takes time to build those skills.


  • What is required of my child on the Art Test?

    The art talent test contains 3 parts : 1. A still-life with 7-10 objects from observation. 2. A scene with at least 2 figures from imagination with a given theme. 3. An essay comparing two given works of art.

  • What are the requirements on the still-life?

    The still-life has to be performed within a set time of 30 minutes, using a regular pencil and demonstrate the child's ability to draw objects from view while recognizing: composition, proportion shade, tone , light and shadow.

  • What are the requirements on the scene?

    Your child will be given a theme that they will have to use to create a realistic scene in 30 minutes using colored pencil, with at least two, non stick figures in motion, that must be done with a knowledge of human proportions, perspective (indoor or outdoor),

  • What are the requirements on the essay?

    Your child will be given two works of famous artists that they will have to compare and contrast within 20 minutes, using artistic terminology including: style, genre, color, theme, composition, lighting, time period, and movement.